Posted by: familiabencomo | Monday, February 11, 2008

Oooh, YUMM!

Holy-moly! My weakness is chocolate (just ask my “muscular thighs!”) and 2 lovely ladies have submitted cakes that are so darn wonderful that I will have to break down & finally start using my gym membership because I will be baking these little beauties post haste!

First up is Deeba’s Chocolate Strawberry Cake…. Quite the Ultimate Combination. Miss Deeba hales all the way from Gurgaon, India! (I had to look it up & it’s just west of New Delhi & a bit north of Agra where the Taj Mahal rests on the River Yumana.) Strawberries are appearing in the market there AND her sister-in-law was having a birthday…. What an opportunity!


Next, we have Julie’s German Chocolate Skyscraper Cheesecake that she lovingly made for her husband’s birthday. I hope Alfredo doesn’t look at this blog any time soon because he’s gonna feel like he got a raw deal. Miss Julie bakes from Salem, Oregon and it seems like she would be an excellent source to ask how to mail cakes!


Thank you, ladies! I am drooling & SOOO disappointed that I don’t have any chocolate in the house right now.



  1. Very nice submissions ladies… they look very delectable!! TFS!!

  2. My jaw hit the ground when I saw these two entries. I have an apple pie to enter but I’m thinking NOT! lol! WOW, ladies! Well done!
    ~ Jane

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