Posted by: familiabencomo | Friday, February 22, 2008

Dos Mas!!!

We have more entries for our FABULOUS Serendipity Bake Off!

First up is our youngest, Twink, an adorable 3 year old who has an artistic flare with sprinkles. Her mother, Jenn, bravely homeschools Twink (God bless her!) which seems to be a fun experience for all. Below is Twink’s Pink Birthday Cake:


Next up is NinaBeth, an enthusiastic newlywed, who baked a Cherry Pie for her very lucky husband. Her site is soooo cute – it’s littered with all of these wonderful desserts AND Weight Watchers!


This is a lot of fun having these desserts come in! I do want to apologize, however, because I feel like blog stalker (a blogster, is that what it would be called?) . Each time I have an entry come in I comb through their blogs try to find something interesting about them to personalize their desserts. Please feel free to add information or shoot me an email with some information about yourself if you like. And, I hope I’m not creeping anyone out with these tidbits of background on our bakers!



  1. I don’t think it’s creepy at all! In fact I really like it, it’s fun to read a little tibit about someone before you click on their blog.

    I’ve been meaning to ask, can a person have more than 1 entry? 😀

  2. That pink birthday cake is adorable… what a deserving entrant!!

    And kudos to the cherry pie!! Is it actually shaped like a heart? I tried to make those criss cross lattice pattern on a pie once and mine did not turn out as pretty… Great job!!

  3. Hee. While its something that’s been on my mind lately, I wouldn’t quite classify myself as a homeschooler just yet. She’s only 3, so I figure I’ve got a while before I have to decide. 😉

    (Ok, sure, we do art class together and I’m teaching her to read and write… and do some math… and we do science experiments…. Dammit! I’m a homeschooler! 😐 )

  4. Ooops! Sorry, NinaBeth, it’s the 29th & I’m just now writing that YES you can enter as many desserts as you like.

    Lisa, I bet you could do the lattice work now – you are so talented.

    Jenn, when my daughter was 3 we kept her out of pre-school b/c she wasn’t ready emotionally. So, as a joke, I told people who’d ask (& it seems EVERYONE is curious about where your kids are going to school) that I was homeschooling. However, my educational program consisted of grocery shopping, mopping (among other glamorous things!), playdates & the occasional coffee with friends. Hats off to you!

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