Posted by: familiabencomo | Monday, March 3, 2008

We have a WINNER!!!!

OK, it was in no way as easy as it looks to judge one of these contests. What made it even harder is that I was cheering each of you on to win (crazy, I know!). Darn it…. I hate it that there can only be one of you….

The winner is…… Marie, The Proud Italian Cook & her Limoncello Tiramisu.


Please take a moment to visit her amazing blog & congratulate her personally. Marie & her friend Maryann are hosting a “Festa Italiana” food event this month, so check that out too!


AND…. because the Soapchix & I had such a hard time choosing just one winner, an honorable mention goes to Deeba’s Chocolate Strawberry Cake…. Quite the Ultimate Combination. Although Deeba will not receive the full prize package, she will receive a fancy, slice of heaven, not-to-be-shared bar of soap.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a dessert. You really outdid yourself & you are ALL winners in my book. If you want to be mad at someone because your dessert didn’t take the prize, blame Ashley!

Marie & Deeba, please email Ashley & Tiffany with your mailing address at: soapchix (at) gmail (dot) com



  1. What can I say, I’m so honored you chose me especially among the beautiful cake that Deeba created, and all the other great entries.
    This really was a lot of fun, especially the meeting of a new foodie friend like you Amy, I really appreciate all your comments, they really mean a lot to me. Looking forward to our blogging future together.And Thank you, Ashley and Tiffany, I can’t wait till my prize arrives, I will definately put it to good use! I love all that girlie stuff!

  2. Congratulations, Marie! And to you, too, Deeba! Tiff and I are in awe of your beautiful creations, and we truly hope that you will enjoy the creations that we will be sending your way. It really was fun reading about all of the lovely recipes and drooling over the beautiful photos. I’m sure that I have gained a few pounds during the course of this fun contest because I can’t stop thinking about food! But extra pounds be darned…they are worth it!

    Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to Miss Amy for putting this together. We love ya chica!


  3. The bad news: We didn’t win.

    The good news: I have a bottle of Limoncello in my fridge right now. 😉

  4. Congrats!! I love your prize…great soap products and even those not winning have a consolation prize…Let them eat cake, and more cake!

  5. O Boy…WOW…finally I got a prize!!! Thanks guys…am overwhelmed. Am glad Marie got the big one; I had bookmarked the limencello a while ago coz I had fallen in love with it!! Amy, Ashley & Tiffany…MUCHAS GRACIAS for the all the effort & for the honourable mention…I am HONOURED!!! YAY!! Now will sit back & WAIT for my ‘slice of heaven’!!!

  6. This was a lot of fun! I loved how everyone was super-enthusiastic & that there was a story behind every dessert. The best part, besides being introduced to so many amazing people (thank you very much!), is that I can now give my 40 year old Betty Crocker cookbook a rest. whew!

  7. Good choice – can’t wait to try the tiramisu. Looks like there was some stiff competition – both desserts look picture perfect!

  8. Oooh, a prize-worthy dessert indeed! It sounds wonderful! Of course, then again, though they didn’t win none of those others are losers by a long shot–everything looks amazing! Wow!

  9. Congratulations, Marie! I love your site too!

  10. […] @ Familia Bencomo…my first blog girlfriend who I met over Serendipity & her contest just a year ago. She’s gotten busy so doesn’t blog much, but we catch up on facebook […]

  11. […] @ Familia Bencomo…my first blog girlfriend who I met over Serendipity & her contest just a year ago. She’s gotten busy so doesn’t blog much, but we catch up on facebook […]

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