Posted by: familiabencomo | Friday, March 21, 2008

My Garden

I had to post a couple of photos from my garden…. It is so warm, sunny & liberating outside. I tried to capture a moment with one of the bees lunching on my lavender or with a hummingbird buzzing around one of my rose bushes, but the delay on my camera limits my “action” shots. We are blessed here in California to have an extremely long blooming season. I usually have freshly cut roses in my house from late March to late October. My favorite bouquet is a mix of lavender, rosemary & pink roses. The fragrance fills the home with a greater sense of love & is so appealing to the eyes.


Both my lavender & rosemary bushes have a life & will of their own! Last fall, I had a battle with the lavender & cut it WAY back….. this is why there are close-ups – poor thing needs to re-grow in some areas. The rosemary is taking claim to the areas where the lavender is not interested. Alfredo & I are working on having the picturesque backyard. Each year we make some great strides, then rest for 6 months – this is the week we’re inspired to work!


Happy Easter & Happy Spring to everyone!



  1. What beautiful pictures, Amy! I’ve been offline too long… I can see I have a lot of catching up to do. Aren’t we blessed to live here in sunny CA? I love my lavenders too. Yours are so tall! I’ll have to snip some fresh rosemary from your garden if you have some to spare. 😉 Happy Spring, my dear friend!

  2. Your pictures gave me a ray of hope Amy! as I write my Hubby’s outside shoveling an unexpected snow fall yesterdayof about 4″!! Your garden looks beautiful, I love the smell of lavender and rosemary. Happy Spring Amy to you and your family!! Oh, how did the veggies turn out?

  3. How absolutely wonderful Amy! I LOVE nature & love the colours of the lavender. Can imagine the heavenly fragrances that waft through your home! Pure bliss!! Am envious of your rosemary…had just basil for my focaccia!! Lucky you. BTW, Amy…you have to see my level of patience…’allowed’ was putting it mildly!Am quite the devil…can’t be better than you!! Ha ha!! HAPPY EASTER & HAPPY SPRING TO YOU TOO MY DEAR!


  5. Jane – yes, swing by! I have WAY more than I need. I wish I could make a pesto with it…. too bad it’s not basil.

    Marie – Ouch!!! I just can in from spending all day in the yard & the thought of snow really hurts…. Pobresita! Your veggie dish was WONDERFUL & well received at Casa Bencomo. I’ll post something on it later. Alfredo described it as “rustic perfection.” Thank you for posting it. I now check your site before I go to the grocery store, my little angel!

    Deeba – Let’s try to think of a way to share our gardens. You can have all the rosemary you like & I’ll help you with some of your basil. I’m holding strong to my theory that you have the patience of Job – my children have to be on the verge of tears before they “help” me bake. Or, we’re making popcorn & I let them press the button on the microwave. The beautiful presentation of everything you do speaks VOLUMES to the amount of patience you have – you win!

    Aunt Jenny – Come visit me & I’ll show you why there are no panoramas of my back yard. I love you! I wish I could be there with everyone, dress up for church, have some ham & chocolate meringue pie. Give my love to everyone!

  6. Gosh, what an inspiring garden. It must smell simply incredible, and from my tiny urban apartment I can only imagine the wonderful tastes it adds to your cooking having all of this so accessible.

  7. mmm, I can already smell this rosemary! I love its smell and you encouraged me to plant a bush in our backyard too:)

  8. Jessie – I bet a potted rosemary bush would work near a sunny window – imagine eternal spring indoors!!!

    Farida – Absolutely get yourself a rosemary bush! The Californian climate is perfect for them & you can ignore them….. I don’t even remember when I last watered mine.

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