Posted by: familiabencomo | Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chicken Tikka Masala

Every now & then I get a wild hair and desperately need to try something new. There is such a thrill when you combine basic ingredients in a new way – a rush when simmering new flavors rise & engulf your senses. And, last night was the ultimate cooking experience for me because it absolutely embodied everything I enjoy about challenging myself with a new recipe: rich aroma, new technique & finger-lick’n flavor.

I have wanted to try one of Deeba‘s recipes for a long time. All of her posts are so beautifully done, well described. She writes quite eloquently & is just plain nice. Every time I visit her sight I leave a bit in awe….. So, trying one of her dishes from India seemed like the perfect introduction for my maiden voyage into Indian fare. The recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala sounded too tempting to pass up, plus it reminded me of the Butter Chicken dish that they serve at Amber India, a funky Indian restaurant nearby that we enjoy.

I was surprised to find that I had ALL of the ingredients for this meal already (weird!)…. except for the green chilis. For the spice Haldi, I googled it & realized that it is what is commonly referred to as Turmeric here in the US. The family LOVED it! Alfredo had seconds…. of course. The next time I make it I’ll be sure to use a whole chicken instead of just boneless, skinless chicken breast – the real flavor when cooking is with the skin.

So, with the success of this meal (thank you, Deeba!), Alfredo & I will test new international recipes on a more regular basis. It really was fun!



  1. And, here is yet another dish I must try as well…and it’s beautiful!!!

  2. Yummm! Totally something I am craving right now. Hey! I passed an award to you… check it out!


  3. I love tikka masala! Look at the color! Good job 🙂

  4. What a beautiful dish you created, your becoming quite the gourmet Amy! I’m sure your making your family smile at every meal. 🙂

  5. Wow! that looks like a fiery chicken tikka masala – what a great start Amy!
    And I found the blog post which showed a packet of parwals (frozen I think), this blogger is from Portland, so I guess it must be available near you too…

  6. Mom – you really should try it. You could make it for a book club dinner.

    Jane – OH WOW! Thank you – I’m shocked.

    Maryann – thank you – it really was good. The whole process was delightful – a real learning experience.

    Marie – thank you – I don’t know about “gourmet,” but I am enjoying cooking a lot more. You know how it can be…. dinner is the last task of the day & sometimes you no longer have the energy. Now, I just have a more positive approach & we’re all happy – Alfredo especially!

    Miri – THANK YOU! How very kind of you to look for me! Now, I can try the wonderful dish you posted this week.

  7. Hiya Amy…OMG; your chicken tikka masala looks GREAT!! Am glad you ejoyed it & Alfredo too. How sweet your Mom is to stop by & comment! Mine tried to comment a few times…with strange happenings…now is happy to just sit on the fence & watch!! Tanti baci…sorry I’ve been missimg for a while; was busy at the kids school! Ciao bella

  8. This looks fabulous…a cold beer, some dal and I’m good to go!

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