Posted by: familiabencomo | Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I’ll drink to that!

OK, it’s Tuesday & already this has been an amazing week. First, my son broke a team record for the 50M Free. Way to go honey! Then, Deeba (bad girl!) tagged me with ANOTHER blog award (imagine myself blushing). Then, I won ICE CREAM from Farida (I’m still debating on whether or not to share with the family…. if the box arrives while everyone is out, then I can easily wolf down 2 pints on my own – at dinner I’ll just say I’m eating light, no appetite. They will be so impressed by my will-power!). THEN, my mom surprised me with NEW DISHES!!!!! Can you believe it?!?! She has been horrified by my dishes for years, but seeing them on my blog for the whole world to know was too much for her. I have now officially upgraded from my Pier 1 Imports Outlet finds (set of 6 bowls & plates for $6! Come on, it was a great deal!) to Sur La Table fancy-schmacy dinnerware. Thank you, Mom! I’m going to start blogging on my kitchen to see if Alfredo is equally horrified. 😉

So, to celebrate ALL of these great happening I want to share with you our favorite summer drink: Watermelon Margarita!


  • ž 1 whole watermelon
  • ž 1 bottle margarita mix
  • 1 bottle of Tequila


Cube & freeze entire watermelon at least 24 hrs in advance (only share with children IF they catch you cutting up the watermelon, otherwise freeze it all). Then, follow directions on margarita mix bottle replacing the ice with frozen watermelon. After 2 margaritas, no one cares if the meal was any good!

I will be tagging some outstanding bloggers later in the week for the “Excellent Blog Award.” I just wanted to send out my thanks to Deeba quickly because she is such a delight! Farida, thank you for the ice cream! I can’t wait!!!!  I think the real prize is your blog & all the Azerbaijan treats that you share with us. Mom, what can I say?  You amaze me with your generousity!  I look forward to a few margaritas & a great meal with you here – served on the new plates of course!



  1. First of all congrats on your E award Amy! Well deserved! And congrats on your son, I’m sure we will be seeing him in the Olympic’s in a few years if he keeps this up.
    I must try that watermelon margarita! two of my favorite things! Alfredo looks like he’s enjoying his!
    What a nice Mom you have, and Sur la Table none the less! The white plates will be great for your photo’s, can’t wait to see what you”ll be cookin!

  2. Congrats from me too Amy, I wouldn’t mind a couple of those beauties:) Your daughter looks so cute, full of fun I’d say:)

  3. hey i’m so pleased the thai green curry risotto worked for you! it’s awesome isn’t it. i was completely blown away by the flavours when i made it yesterday.

    and congrats, you won some ice cream from farida’s!! although i’m totally jealous, i hope you blog about it…so at least i can drool from the pictures, jokes!


  4. Amy, you deserve the E! You blog is cute and you are cuter:)) Unfortunately I don’t drink any alcohol except wine but I am sure my husband would love the idea of watermelon margarita. I’ll share with him:)

  5. Amy congrats by yours Awards, are well deserved.. And I have to say you have a really nice and wonderful family.xxxxxGloria

  6. Me, bad girl, back again. Congrats on the record breaking week…good for Gianluca; may I pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase drink to that too! LOVE the sur la table ware; great Mom u got. My mom got me loads of lovely cookie cutters from there some time back. Lucky you…ice cream as well from lovely Farida. It’s like winning the lotto…not quite,but almost. Love the expression on Alfredo’s face past the drink!! And the little one is an absolute angel!! Lol

  7. Wow! How come my Mom doesn’t feel ashamed enough to send some nice dishes my way! 😉 Your Mom deserves a lovely treat on Mothers Day Amy!

    The margarita is just the ticket by the way to cool off in the beastly Delhi summer – thanks for posting!

  8. First, let me just say how great everyone is! It’s so much fun to drink my coffee in the morning & see that people actually look at my blog…. Even better that the quality of these people is Dazzling!

    Marie – Thank you, thank you & thank you, dear. Fingers crossed the OEC picks Chicago for 2016. Yes, Alfredo enjoys his margarita! We had these for parties & for whatever reason the buzz of a blender makes the atmosphere more festive. Then, people love it that they’re with watermelon. Yes, I do have a nice mom! Hopefully, she’ll visit me soon (boohoo!)

    Lorraine – I have 8 of these classy cactus margarita glasses – you & Bruno are welcome anytime! Yes, my daughter IS full of fun. We’re a very silly family. 😉

    Diva – thank you for the great recipe!!! I will certainly take photos of the ice cream – Farida’s were so cute!

    Farida – Thank you, hun! You’re cute too!

    Gloria – Why thank you! Judging by your blog, you have a nice, loving family too. What a blessing!

    Deeba – I guess we’re kindred spirits – naughty & all! Thank you for the nice words. Gifts from moms are soooo much better now than when we were teens. I’ll have to take a closer look on your blog for the use of your cookie-cutters. I’m sure you think of her when you use them. My little one an angel…. humm. She is our little Diavola. Mischief is her middle name. We’re hoping it’s a phase that she’ll outgrow, although she does keep the laughter abundant in our house.

    Miri – Thank you, dear. I can’t believe Mother’s Day is so quickly approaching. I need to come up with something great quick. Beastly Delhi summer?!?! Yikes! I hope you have a big freezer. You can also use mangos & strawberries, but you have to half the amount with ice. Good luck with that heat!

  9. just linked to your blog and for some reason, that picture of your daughter and husband holding the margarita was so funny and cute! you look like a fun family which is important. very nice blog.

    amy @ we are never full (

  10. Watermelon margarita! Salud!

    Congrats on the well-deserved award!

  11. Amy, that sounds like something my mom would do too! She is always dropping by with this or that which she feels I am lacking. Hehe! Can’t complain too much about THAT though! 😉

  12. Sorry I did not get online earlier!!! Love, love the dishes and yes, I did find the old dinnerware lacking…Again, yummy meals! And, I am a HUGE fan of watermelon margaritas…Love, Mom

  13. Amy – Welcome! Great name btw…. Yes, laughter & love are at the core of our family – everything else just falls into place after that. I’m looking forward to making your Bolognese tonight.

    Lori Lynn – Thank you, dear. I’ll toast to your successful Seder dinner.

    Nicole – Amen sista! It’s funny b/c my mom is SOO relieved that I have the new plates – I did know it was THAT bad!

    Mom – Your plates are perfect! Thank you. We made the “chicken thing” last night & even that looked gourmet. Imagine! Love you.

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