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Lamb Giouvetsi with Sandra’s Salad

Mom came to town this weekend which means that we typically spend a lot of quality time with food & wine. We now have a pretty established routine where I cook the night she arrives (dinner waiting on the table – aren’t I a great daughter?!?!), she cooks one night and we go out another night (or two). Her visits alway evoke an awakening of the taste buds. We like to comb through recipes & then pair the meals with just the right bottle of wine. I mean, does life get any better than this?

So, Thursday night I prepared Food Blogga Susan’s String Beans & Tofu with Thai Peanut Butter Sauce. This was the first time I had actually ever cooked with tofu (I’m from Texas, remember). Everyone loved the meal! I wish I had taken a picture, but my ever-loving & patient family was a bit anxious to eat. Take a peek at Susan’s photos…. Mine looked “just” like hers, I promise. 😉

Friday night was the feast that I was really looking forward to because I had found a Greek dish on Peter’s Kalofagas site, Lamb Giouvetsi. This recipe really spoke to our senses – rich & meaty. Honestly, we love these types of meals because they’re not really complicated recipes, you have that time while it bakes in the oven to sample cheeses with a glass of wine, and we love just trying new things.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this meal and my boys went back for seconds. We served a Seghesio Old Vine Zinfandel with the Giouvetsi which went along nicely with it. One or two bottles? I don’t remember…. Mom whipped up a tasty salad to compliment the meal. Lettuce, almond, green onions, pear, blue cheese – all typical stuff. However, her salad dressing was excellent & certainly worth sharing.

Sandra’s Salad Dressing

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 parts)
  • Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar (whichever you happen to have) (1 part)
  • Dijon Mustard (about 1 t)
  • Freshly Sliced Garlic (to taste)
  • Sea Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper (to taste)

Combine all then toss with salad.




  1. Amy, the lamb dish looks delicious! I have never made lamb in my home – I may have to try sometime and “sneak” it to my Grumpy. He say’s he doesn’t like it. I recently had it at an Indian place and loved it!

    I also am very interested in the tofu recipe. I grew up vegetarian but in my married life I have had to become omnivorous! I may be making the tofu myself. Anything with coconut milk, peanut butter and spice sounds delish to me!

  2. Amy, you’ve made a rustic dish look so high end, 5-star restaurant-like with the plating…it looks fabulous!

    It’s an easy dish, great one to convert those iffy on lamb and I’m delighted everyone enjoyed it.

    Thank you so much for trying it and giving me the mention.

  3. Amy, you deserve a big Star for really appreciating other bloggers foods, trying them out and mentioning them. Your choices are always great! I want to try some of Peter’s recipes, too. He is great!

  4. I’m not big on lamb, but your picture of the meal certainly looks delicious! It looks quite hearty. I would love to give the tofu recipe a try… sounds like it’s right up my alley.

  5. HoneyB – That surprises me that Grumpy doesn’t like lamb since he loves venison…. Go figure. I wonder if you could use this recipe with venison. I’m not a meat expert, but I do know that if someone doesn’t like lamb, then they usually never will. However, I would be curious to see you try sneaking it in a meal for him!!! The tofu recipe was by far the biggest surprise for me b/c of its success. I knew that I would like it, but was weary of how the kids would react (I also made a ginger-honey chicken as a back-up). Everyone loved it & I felt like a good mama for serving something so healthy.

    Peter – You have a fan club here! Thank you for sharing this “rustic” dish with all of us. We ended up doubling the recipe (we hate running out of a good thing) and had plenty of leftovers for a feast of a lunch the next day. All of us enjoyed every bite & not one orzo went to waste. Absolutely perfect recipe for feeding the masses in style. And, thank you, Peter, for the “5-star” comment – we love to play “dress-up” – this is the adult version, I guess.

    Farida – Thank you, dear. I’m going to wear my star today! I honestly enjoy trying new things as often as possible. I have my stand-by meals that I still prepare, but they seem SOOO boring to what everyone else out there is posting. It’s funny listening to my family talk as we sit down to dinner. They all have something to say about the meal each night! Good or bad, they don’t hold back.

    Jane – Thank you, hun. You can get everything you need at Trader Joe’s or Mitsuwa. I would make the sauce first & then focus on the tofu (the opposite of what I did!). This way you can easily go about cooking without everything happening at once. Big kisses, dear.

  6. Absolutely exotic Amy. My word, you guys have had good times together! of course you’re tye good daughter; feels great to have such a keenly foodie mom-daughter duo! Her salad dressing has been bookmarked…love the sound of the fresh garlic, sea salt in it, & the almonds & spring onions in the salad! Nirvana bella!

  7. You ARE a great daughter Amy, sounds like you have followed right in your Mom’s footsteps. I’m so impressed with the white tablecloth, water goblets, and wine glass setting, along with the gorgeous plates Mom gave you, and then to have every thing turn out so delicious!! It looks and sounded like a wonderful dinner Amy!

  8. it’s really a shame that i’m not really into mustard but it seems it’s the base for a lot of fantastic sauces and dressings. thanks for this recipe. i hope to give it a try soon and change my mind about the quintessential English product – mustard.

  9. The meal and the entire visit was the best ever…This is definitely a keeper–many thanks to Peter. Diva, a bit of clarity on the mustard issue–I use Grey Poupon or any nice coarse ground mustard–not the bright yellow stuff…give it a try!

  10. Deeba – Thank you, daahling! I used this dressing just last night with romaine, feta, beets, red onion, almonds & diced chicken – very tasty for a hot evening. Notice I’m eating more salad? I have to now that all I think about is your mango ice cream – good stuff!

    Marie – Thank you, dear. Dinner is the one meal where we’re not rushed to do something afterwards so we savor the moment – setting a nice table just helps set the mood… that & a good bottle of wine. It’s also fun watching the kids adapt to a “set” table – they seem to sit straighter & there’s less wiggling….weird.

    Diva – I bet you could go to some little boutique grocer & ask them about mustards. Some are more mild than others. You’re right, they are used a lot in recipes. I wonder how this would taste with wasabi…. I know you like to blend cultural flavors.

    Mom – Thanks for coming AND for cooking! It was nice sitting it out for a few days. Love you.

  11. I don’t know about the tofu (I’ve never cooked with it either), but I’m definitely a lamb lover for sure!! (And a fan of anything Peter makes!)

  12. Yeah.. I am not a big tofu fan either really… Love peanut sauce though. Also Peter’s dish looks great! And tasting cheese and sipping wine while cooking… Perfect! Love it. You and your mom sound so fun together!!!

  13. Lori – seeing your response highlights how different my meals were last week! I bet you could do wonders with tofu…. tell the kids it’s chicken. Yes, we are big fans of lamb too & Peter’s recipe just “fed” our addiction!

    Nicole – I bet you could replace the tofu with chicken. That sounds like the perfect replacement for those uneasy about tofu. Yes, mom & I do have fun together! The kids adore her. It was so great going to the cabana over the weekend & having mom swim with the kids while I worked on a tan. Hummm, no wonder mom was so tired when I talked to her.

  14. Happy times with mom..I love it!

  15. Looks so yummy dea Amy!! muchos besos, Gloria

  16. I saw that Greek Kritharaki on Peter’s site. I like orzo so I have to get that pasta!

    I like your olives and thyme garnish too.

  17. Maryann – Yes, it was!

    Gloria – Thank you, dear. Muchos besos tambien!

    Lori Lynn – Good eyes! We had to garnish the plate with something…. You know I keep looking for that roasted eggplant sauce that you mentioned on your blog – it’s now a mission.

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