Posted by: familiabencomo | Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daring Bakers’ July Challenge

This month’s challenge was to prepare Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream, from Great Cakes by Carol Walter. The very lovely & talented Miss Chris of Mele Cotte was our fabulous hostess and I was sooo looking forward to participating in this one because I enjoy everything that Chris creates – she has such a wonderful, heart-felt blog. However, life was crazy-busy this month.

Thank you Chris of Mele Cotte for coming up with this challenge! I can’t wait to do it in August! To see some amazing cakes check out the other Daring Bakers.

I leave you with this photo taken in Sausalito overlooking the San Francisco Bay…. Just a reminder (to myself at least) that there is beauty in balance. Wishing you all an enjoyable, relaxing, even-keel summer.



  1. Hi Amy, There is beauty in balance! Something all us bloggers need to be reminded of (at least I do!)
    Life sometimes gets in the way, and summertime is very busy! Oh, how I would love to be in Sausalito overlooking the bay right now! I really love that area, it’s so beautiful there. Enjoy the rest of your summer with your sweet family! Did you feel the earthquake there? I heard it was felt as far as Vegas, hope all is well.
    xoxo, Marie

  2. Yup, it has been a busy month. I hope you’re enjoying summer–you’re in such a lovely place to enjoy natural beauty! 🙂

  3. We missed you Amy! I hope your enjoying the beautiful weather and summer with your family!

  4. Amy, sometimes life gets too busy for us to do all we want! Can’t wait to see the cake when you do make it!

  5. So – I’m thinking when life slows down a bit, I should try this baking challenge. To see me back wiould be absolutely HILARIOUS cuz a brotha just can’t do it – unless you count cornbread as the item of choice.


  6. *SWOON*…what beauty & what balance bella. I would give up anything to be there right now. That picture is enough to bring a sense of peace, calm & cool into my morning this very moment…yes, it’s still 37-38degrees C with nothing cool around the corner! Life goes on & moments like these are to be cherished! xoxoxo have a great vacation…
    PS Countdown???

  7. Hi Amy, i have a little something for you at my blog….please do come and pick it up…cheers!!

  8. Hi Amy – I was just ready others’ posts on the Daring Baker Challenge, and I thought, hey, I wonder if Amy had time to bake, as she is having a busy summer. So, I come over here and read your post…Wishing you a wonderful and balanced August. The first day of school is on the horizon.

  9. I LOVE Sausalito! Great shot.

  10. We are in the same boat – I skipped this month’s challenge, but not because I was busy but honestly because the cake reminded me of the opera cake I didn’t have much luck with:)) So I was scared and not daring enough:)))) Beautiful picture from Sausalito! Meaningful. There should be balance in everything we do. Have a great rest of summer!

  11. I skipped this month too. Summer is just too busy.

    Pretty pic! I haven’t been to SF in so long. Happy Summer!

  12. Daunting challenge!!!

  13. Dear Amy, the picture look lovely enjoy your time. Im in the beach now by this weekend is lovely place too. When I come back I will post some pictures, yesterday rain but today is with a little sunshine!! xxxxGloria(I may look the sea from my bedroom!!!)

  14. Im the same Gloria you know but I post wrong my name!! a hug! Gloria

  15. Amy Im missed you!! When return to “normal life” visit me !!! xxxxGloria

  16. Stopping in to say “Hi” and “MISS YOU!!”
    I am watching M.Phelps right now, thinking of G and how we might be watching him in the Olympics someday! WOW! Phelps just broke his world record!! Incredible!!

  17. I’m so nervous watching these Olympic games that it is a very good thing there aren’t any gateau’s around or I’d mow them down in world record time tring to keep up with the athletes! 🙂

    We miss you guys! Oh, did I mention it’s a bit “warm” here?

    Loooved the Texas caviar, by the by! Goes fabulously with a mojito! Yuummmay!

  18. Amy, Just stopping by to say Hi, are the kids back to school yet? Miss you!
    Hugs, Marie

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