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Salmon Patties, Taboule Salad & Grilled Zucchini

One of the family’s favorite meals include salmon patties. I don’t know why, but when I tell them that this is what we’re having everyone gets excited for dinner time. I love serving salmon in any form – it’s my favorite fish, it’s healthy, I never hear complains from anyone. The only draw back is that it’s usually pretty expensive to buy fresh wild coho salmon on a regular basis & I refuse to buy any fish that is “farmed.” Then, when you’re buying fish fresh you hate to chop it up & turn it into patties. However, I have been pretty lucky to find coho salmon frozen at Trader Joe’s & I can mash it up into patties guilt-free. Simply combine salmon, chopped green onions, Italian parsley, bread crumbs, eggs salt & pepper. Then, fry in a pan with canola oil. Easy!

Typically, I serve my patties with either a garlic infused couscous or taboule salad. Couscous is so wonderful to cook with because it is SO darn easy to prepare. If you’ve never tried it before, then please do. You will be shocked by its simplicity.


  • 1 ¼ C couscous
  • 6 T EVOO
  • 1/3 C fresh lemon juice
  • 1 diced tomato
  • ¼ C chopped parsley
  • 1 diced green onion

Bring ½ cup water to a boil. Add couscous, EVOO, lemon juice. Mix well, cover & remove from heat for about 5 minutes. Fluff with fork. Add tomato, parsley, green onion. Serve at room temperature or chilled.

For the grilled zucchinis, Marie of Proud Italian Cook inspired me to try something new. Zucchinis just happen to be one of those vegetables that I overlook every time I’m at the store. Yet, they are remarkably tasty. Having them grilled is divine! Look here for her recipe.  This really has a wonderful combination of flavors and, trust me, there will not be any leftovers…. make more than you think you will need.

I hope everyone is having a fun summer!  Only 4 more weeks until school starts!!!



  1. Looks delicious!

    Believe it or not, I’m not cooking tonight. Grumpy’s working late, Chris is working and I’m home alone! Tomorrow night though we are trying the beer can chicken!

  2. Amy, I love that your kids love salmon, I could never get my kids to eat it when they were young, now of course they love it. I’ve never made salmon patties either and I don’t know why? Yours looks and sounds really delish and a great idea with the TJ”s salmon too. I’m so glad you’re liking the zucchini grilled like that, I’m going to have to start making some because misteriously I have been getting zucchini’s left at my front door! They’re popping up everywhere!
    Thanks for the link love sweetie!!
    Enjoy your last few weeks with your kids, soon you will have your freedom back! lol I remember those days very well indeed!
    xoxo, Marie

  3. I love salmon patties–I enjoy them cold as leftovers, but these look so good they are likely always all eaten!

  4. Back in action…YAY bella.You make these sound finger-licking good & delicious…I love what you’ve served with ’em patties; the garlic infused couscous sounds *swoonishly* YUM!! *SIGH* can you send Trader Joe’s across…xoxoxo

  5. BTW…love the countdown…Just 4 weeks!!! PHEW!!

  6. Dear Amy, first, I love your comment in Peter site, “I was in a space mission” love it I understand you sso dear when the childs are little (and now too) is crazy days (specially in holidays) really right now Gerardo Dad want I go with them to Chuck E. Cheese’s (You know the same Mouse we have one here) the childs LOVE to go, I always take some magazines or a book, the only good thing that we lunch there (yes Pizza) So I love your recipe. yes!!!!Love zucchini grilled.
    Amy you dont believe that, I post a gnocchi’s recipe from Mom, tell me what you think!
    I go to the shower!!! xxxxxxxxxGloria

  7. I love salmon patties too!! They are so easy to make and so yummy. I might cook them tonight. Hope all is well.

    Love, Ashley

  8. This dinner would make me extremely happy. I’m not a huge fish fan although really trying to change but salmon patties – delicious. The taboule looks wonderful and what can be better than a grilled veg, especially zucchini.

  9. Hi Amy – such a colorful plate!

    Good idea: frozen coho from TJ’s. I plan to try that. I haven’t had salmon patties in years for that same reason, why would I mash up a beautiful filet? And I don’t think I would go back to the way my mother used to make it, from a can, I remember her picking out all those bones and skin, but as kids, we did like it, a lot!

  10. question: are salmon patties like fish cakes? i make mine with blitzed up whatever-fish-i-fancy, herbs, seasoning and mashed potatoes so it sounds rather similar! but if it is, oh yea, totally love fish cakes too although i reckon these are perfect when you’ve bought a whole fish and used all the best cuts for whatever dishes you were planning and are left with the leftover scraggly bits. chuck them altogether with other types of fish and seafood and you’re all set for some amazing fish/crab/shrimp,etc. cakes ever.

  11. There ya go bragging about Trader Joes again! 😉
    Hope all is well there, kiddo 🙂

  12. Well Amy I was ALL the afternoon with the Mouse
    (Chuck e Cheese`s) and we arrive there M.Espe said but “this site is for childs!!!” I want kill her!! but guess who is all the afternoon in the machines! She!! She belive is old !! you know, but to this things is a child!!! I ho pe you are well dear.xxxxGloria

  13. When are you going to open your own restaurant??? That looks absolutely amazing!

    Ciao bella!
    Victor and family

  14. So…those salmon patties look awesome.

    In my culture we have something similar…they’re called salmon croquettes. It’s made with the canned stuff, some onion, bell peppers, corn meal, seasoning, and an egg. We form them into patties and fry them up. They’re typically a breakfast favorite that we pair with grits and eggs. Oh yea, can’t forget the homemade biscuit, right?


  15. Hey, Amy! This looks absolutely marvelous and SIMPLE!! Thanks for the tip on getting the salmon via TJ’s (one of my favorite stores)!! It was great seeing you last weekend and I’ll send you a separate email. How come no photos of family and Gianluca’s recent trip to Tahoe?

  16. Oh, thanks for mentioning the TJ’s salmon. I haven’t tried that one yet, and Jeff loves salmon cakes. These look really good, Amy. I’m sure they were gobbled up in no time!

  17. Looks great. I haven’t ever made salmon cakes. I should try it. The only fish my daughter has seemed to like just a little bit is salmon. Do you dip them in anything at all?

  18. Oooh…. where does the time go?

    HoneyB – Not cooking? Impossible! I hope you post the beer can chicken – I’ve gotta see that.

    Marie – Mysterious zucchini? You must have a great neighbor that knows you work magic with all of your veggies. I don’t know why, but my kids have always liked “adult” food & give me a strange look if I make pb&j or grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s great, but then it’s not so great when I want a “day-off.” What’s a mom to do?

    Mom – I can make these next time you’re in town & we’ll make sure to have extras for leftovers. xoxo

    Deeba, daahling – Trader Joe’s is like an addiction – in a good way. I dread going to all the other stores, but plan to linger & peruse when I’m at TJ. Now, just a wee-bit over 3 weeks….. argh! Back to school shopping & whatnot.

    Gloria – Hola, mi amiga! Chuck E Cheese? That is too funny. The kids love it there. I saw your wonderful gnocchi. You make it look so easy – I hope to try it soon. Besos!

    Ashley – Let me know hope it goes if you try it. I love you, cuz.

    Giz – Thank you! I bet if you add enough bread crumbs & herbs, then you would because a fish fan. You have to ease into it by making sure the flavors you like are there.

    Lori Lynn – I had almost forgot that I had started out with buying those cans!!! I think it only took a few times of doing that before I found a different way. I’m too impatient. Now, I just thaw the salmon, throw everything in the cuisinart & pulse it a few times. It’s remarkably quick & easy, but I try not to let too many people know how easy it really is…. hehe.

    Diva – Yes, I think patties, cake & croquettes are all roughly the same here. I’ve never tried it with mashed potatoes. That sounds really good.

    Maryann – I can’t help it! Hope you’re having a great summer – looking forward to seeing your amazing photos.

    Gloria – Well, you know girls will always give you drama!

    Victor, my friend – Ha! Why don’t I just have your family over for dinner when you’re here? We can share a few bottles of wine & catch up on the last 15 years. Tanti baci!

    Darius – Yes, my husband calls them croquettes. I’ve never tried them with corn meal… I should. Also, I’ve never had them for breakfast, but it seems that my mom would love that. Thank you for the idea!

    Yulie – You should try this. I bet Gracie would even nibble on it. No photos from Tahoe because most of them were taken while we were in bathing suits….. No body wants to see that!!! It was wonderful seeing you last week too. I hope you guys can figure out a way to winter in the Bay Area. I would love that.

    Susan – Oh, my pleasure. I bet you could make some incredible salmon cakes – you are so talented.

    Nicole – Thank you, dear. Yes, I always make a little dipping sauce of mayo & sweet paprika. Simple & tasty. We’re total dipper here too!

    Big hugs to everyone! Enjoy the beautiful weather outside. xoxox Amy

  19. Looks so yummy. My family loves salmon as well. Thanks for the tip on the frozen TJ salmon. Personally, I am looking forward to the grilled zucchini.

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