Posted by: familiabencomo | Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daring Bakers’ October Challenge

WooHoo! I could have done this with my eyes closed – not to brag. This was the ideal challenge for me since I bake pizza all the time. Plus, this gave me the opportunity to try a different method for preparing my dough. Perfect, BTW, for the “run-around-town-never-sit-down” person. Once you have the dough in the freezer, you have a quick meal for those crazy days that are bound to happen.

Despite the double-chin that is painfully obvious to me, this photo shows how fun this challenge truly was. My love photographed me laughing & you have to use your imagination to the kinds of jokes we were throwing at each other as I was throwing dough around.

The first pizza I made was a simple dough base with a brushing of EVOO, goat cheese, prosciutto & bosc pear. Obviously, the tossing of the dough doesn’t work for me, However, the taste was sublime. Mi corazon (my heart) fell in love with me all over again.

The second pizza was made with pesto, mozzarella & chicken. I made the pesto with lots of fresh basil leaves, 3 garlic cloves, 3/4 cup EVOO, ~1/4 cup pistachios – that’s all.

Overall, the family was quite impressed with the improvement I made with my pizza technique. Thank you Rosa (and Sher and Glenna ) for this amazingly satisfying challenge. I finally felt the urgency the buy a pizza stone ($9.99 at Target, not bad!) and that has made a world of difference. Everyone enjoyed their meal & there were no leftovers. In fact, it reminded us of our favorite pizza place Pizza Antica. Take a look at their menu for inspiration. Also, check out the other Daring Bakers for even more inspiration.



  1. Great flavors – wow. I need to be a guest in your house for these pizza dishes!


  2. Hi Amy! Missed you girl! You looked great tossing your pizza, and I love all your toppings too, now don’t be a stranger

  3. Sorry, I hit submit before I wrote…
    xoxo, Marie 😉

  4. Love your choices. I did one w/ pear too!

    And I can relate to the giggling. My hubby snapped away and I just could not stop laughing. It was pretty fun.

  5. Your pizzas look excellent, great job!

  6. Nicely done! Your pizzas look yummy. Lovely pictures.

  7. Dispite the double chin which to me looks good, you did great:) I love the dough tossing photo:)

    Great pizzas! Glad your family enjoyed. I haven’t baked mine yet, will do it in the evening and post sa soon we are done eating, provided my pizza doesn’t burn or comes out as a total mess because I tend to overfill my pizza with toppings:)

    PS: I wrote an email to you earlier, not sure if you received it or not, I was saying that now that I am on I don’t have a blog surfer option and can’t get updates on your blog:( Is there any way you can add the email subscription or RSS subscription to your blog? You can add RSS by going to Widgets on your dashboard and chose RSS, it should come up automatically on your blog. Thanks a lot!

  8. Very nice!

  9. Forgive me bella for I am late. Am glad to see you back in action, literally, double chin & everything, tossing the dough for the love of your life! This seems more like you & the toppings are ravishing! I’m singing for my supper…& you’d better not disappoint! Welcome back Amy; you have been sorely missed!

  10. I do think that a pizza stone is a must for a well stocked kitchen. It is a must for baking artisan breads, too. Your pizzas look amazing. I am impressed.

  11. Oh Amy! I love the throwing of the dough shot! Looks so fun…. and the wine in the background… perfect addition to such play. I think the dough looks beautiful in the final shots and done just perfectly.


  12. Darling, you are too much! I love that you posted that pizza tossing photo! Such scrumptious looking pizzas! I can tell you truly enjoyed this challenge.

    Happy Halloween, my friend! Everyone loves the owl shirt you gave me!! Thanks again for being such a sweet and thoughtful friend! mwah!

  13. Amy!!!! Love your pizzas!!!! dear, hapy to see you cook, I know you love pizzas me too!!! (and the childs of course) How was Hallowen, here is so quiet because is countryside, but some childs come and Hubby give them candies and M. Esperanza go to a friend to sleep the Halloween night, Why beacuse?? the childs love to sleep out??? I dont know. But Iknow the Mom and the girl are so sweet!! Huggsss!!! Gloria

  14. Hi Amy – both your pizzas sound amazing, great flavors. Pizza stone is a terrific tool, I also use a pizza screen, and that makes it so much easier especially when my nephews are helping make pizza.

  15. Excellent combinations on your pizzas…love the pear..

  16. welcome back amy!! good to see you bloggin again and lovely looking pizza…wish i had been there for a slice! x

  17. There you are!!! I was sure you were abducted by aliens but IC you’re actually applying for a job in the local pizzaria. Beautiful job. Wasn’t that a fun challenge?

  18. Double chin? Hey! I’ve got one of those! haha
    Love your pizzas and that poster in the background 🙂

  19. Hey Hi Amy,
    Navita here. New on blogosphere. Enjoyed reading ur blog.
    Drop in by sometime at my virtual kitchen plz. lol
    take care
    happy thanksgiving.

  20. What ya cooking up for Thanksgiving Amy?
    Stopping by to say “Hi”

  21. He he he he…so true Amy…!!;-p
    Thanks for stopping by.

  22. I’ll take the second pizza, please! Great pizzas!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY bella…hope your day is wonderful in every way, full of fun & hapiness!
    Much love & hugs

  24. The toppings on your pizza look fantastic!

  25. Happy Thanksgiving Amy!

  26. You look like a professional to me, throwing that pizza dough! Great flavors too,my family would also be impressed with me!!!

  27. I miss you Amy I hope you had a wonderful thanskgiving!!! kisses!!!!! Gloria

  28. Is possible we talk before Christmas?????? (kidding!!!)

  29. HI Amy – wishing you and your family very happy holidays.

  30. Hi Amy, Have a wonderful holiday with your sweet family.
    xoxoxo, Marie

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